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Technical Support

Technical problems may arise at any time during the operation of the site. As a result, this can provoke the loss of potential customers or the loss of important information.

Technical support of Java, PHP (Magento, Laravel, Symfony, ZEND) projects.

We develop CRM-systems and web-projects of Clients regardless of whether they are made by our company or not. There are more than 50 projects in the hands of development and support teams.


  • All types of work, from support and development to the implementation of new modules, integrations, creation of new APIs, DevOps and consulting.
  • We allocate a personal project manager, an analyst and a team for the project if necessary.
  • We write mini-TOR for complex tasks in order to avoid overestimations and missed deadlines.
  • Information is under control: we work through the task setting system.
  • We evaluate all works before execution. If something is not clear, we will conduct an interview / analysis or clarify.
  • Fixed price per standard hour.
  • Reporting: every month, with a detailed description of each work.

  • Technical support for websites is 40% of the company's turnover.


    Prepaid rates:

    — Subscription fee: 40 or more hours per month, unused hours expire. Guaranteed allocation of resources.

    — Deposit. From 100 standard hours per month, hours do not burn out. Guaranteed allocation of resources.

    Postpaid rate:

    — Postpaid monthly + 20% to the cost of an hour.

    Urgent work or work on weekends / non-working hours is possible at a double standard hour rate.

    If you need more than just "the hands of programmers".

    As a rule, in enterprise projects, the Retainer methodology (dedicated team) is used - development in sprints with a guaranteed result.

    DevOps, 24/7 technical support and monitoring.

    We will monitor your project around the clock, with the involvement of an administrator on duty and a programmer in case of an accident (by phone or Intranet system).

    We prescribe the response time (SLA) and penalties in the Contract. The cost of ensuring the response is from 500 USD per month.

    Work procedure.

  • The Customer's working group is set up in the task setting system. You set tasks for us and observe their solution.
  • The manager responds to it and gives an assessment or asks clarifying questions.
  • After receiving the assessment, you approve it, and we get to work.
  • At the end of each month, we provide a detailed report.

  • The maximum resource allocation is up to 1000 standard hours per Client per month.

    Production: development scheme, version control, autotests.

    Using the version control system, you can put several programmers on a project at once, and their changes are easy to track. The same technology is used in the further support of the site.

    When delivering a project, we use both automatic and manual testing to ensure that everything is covered.

    Refinement of projects not implemented by our team.

    Do we accept projects that are not implemented by our team for support? Yes, after the audit and coordination of tasks for the first stage of support.

    You need to get Technical support?

    If so then simply contact us to discuss the detail!

    Just contact us here.