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Really selling online stores. With a bright, beautiful, selling design, support for mobile devices.
Integrated with the accounting system, CRM and trading platforms.

A professional online store, convenient for visitors, bringing sales, reflecting your business processes and ready for advertising is our profile!

With the development of Internet communications, people increasingly began to give their preference to online shopping. The website has become an integral part of any business, the main tool for its scaling.

Convenient sales management from anywhere in the world, 24/7 store availability, automation of core business processes, a ready-made platform for promoting goods and services, integrated CRM systems that provide high-level customer service. Having your own online store gives any entrepreneur a lot of opportunities and advantages.

Since 2010, we have already implemented many successful projects in various industries, so we can say with confidence that we will find a suitable solution for you too!

Development of online stores and marketplaces

We have deep expertise: in 12 years we have made more than 100 online stores, almost all of them on PHP frameworks (Magento, Bitrix, Laravel, YII). In addition, we have our own projects and we perfectly understand the Customer's problems and pains.

Development stages:

General scheme:

  • The conclusion of the contract.
  • Study, analytics, terms of reference.
  • Design.
  • Layout and front-end programming.
  • Programming (Version control system, Intermediate testing).
  • Integrations with required services.
  • Testing and Documentation.
  • Launch.
  • Technical support and development.

  • Our team.

    Already at the start of the project, we introduce the Customer to the team. Typical staff: project manager, analyst, 2-3 programmers, designer and QA specialist.

    Terms of Reference and Prototypes.

    We interview the client's working group, collect briefs and communicate with the client's IT service. From this work, the Terms of Reference is born: a document according to which the site will be submitted. We also do visualization - we draw interactive prototypes of the future site.

    Analytics and pre-project inspection.

    Before drawing the design, we conduct a study of the client's business processes, in particular, we create a CJM (Customer Journey Map) that describes all scenarios for the behavior of website visitors.

    Development methodology

    Development is carried out according to one of three methodologies:

    — Classical. This is a sequential development model: technical specifications, prototypes, design, layout, programming, 2 testing cycles and delivery.

    — Urgent. Here, the stages go in parallel, for example, having drawn only the main page of the site, we already give it for layout. Or having laid out half of the layouts, we begin their implementation. Allows you to save time twice, but it also costs more.

    — Agile. A flexible methodology, ideal for corporate portals, where it is more correct to approve and do one task at a time than to design for six months what will be outdated by the time of approval. Agile consists of weekly sprints, and every week you can manage the development and change the direction of the project.

    Project delivery and support.

    We have five testers on staff who check the work both manually and through automated tests. What is important, we do this not at the end of the entire project, but at the end of each weekly stage, which ensures control over the deadlines.

    Integration of the website with accounting systems.

    At this stage, we work with the Customer's IT service: we develop an exchange API, we design data exchange channels. Result: one-way or two-way exchange with ERP, AXAPTA, SAP and other known accounting and automation systems.

    Online payment and delivery calculation automation.

    More than 20 different types of payments and deliveries had already been succesfully set up and programmed..

    DevOps and highload.

    We have our own DevOps engineers: we will build an optimal update deployment scheme, set up a cluster, and conduct load testing. And after the project is launched, we will provide 24/7 supervision.

    In which cases are we most effective?

  • You have a B2B project and need expertise in such type of project.
  • the site is integrated with several systems at once, and not all of them have documentation.
  • the site is planned to have high loads (from 10,000 visitors per day) and everything should work quickly.
  • for a number of jobs you need not only “hands”, but also a “head”, that is, analytics and consulting.

  • You want to get eCommerce solution?

    If so then simply contact us to discuss the detail!

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