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TEXHA is one of the global leaders in the commercial poultry farming equipment market.



TEXHA is one of the global leaders in the commercial poultry farming equipment market.

TEXHA offers both cage-based and cage free poultry equipment for broiler and laying hen management, including, but not limited to egg handling and grading systems, climate control solutions, feeding lines, litter removal, automated harvesting and flock depopulation facilities.

TEXHA’s industrial poultry equipment allows easy scaling of business according to the customer’s changing needs and market conditions. TEXHA also offers installation, repair and retrofitting of the existing machinery within the shortest terms and with minimal expenses.


The client approached us looking to streamline business processes and workflows in CRM. Creation of a centralized customer database with the ability to see orders at any stage of processing. The specifics of the business is such that the company's projects are drawn up for a specific customer and specific equipment. At the stage of sale, it is important to quickly calculate the cost of the project, having received the calculation from several project departments and having collected all the information, transfer it to the financial department and then submit the commercial proposal for approval to the customer. This business process must work with a time limit for each stage. the total response time of the customer should not exceed the limits approved by the company. In the business process, it is important to provide for the transfer of tasks to another performer in the absence of the main one at this stage. It is important to implement the restriction of rights to work with data according to the rules of the company.

  • Implementation of CRM-system and registration of incoming applications.
  • Centralized storage of the client base.
  • Development of a business process for agreeing and evaluating the terms of reference along the entire chain of production, procurement, implementation, service and financing with the transfer of a commercial offer to the customer within the agreed timeframe.
  • Tracking customers, suppliers, equipment and services for each project.

  • Features of the CRM implementation process for the Texha company:

  • The ability to see in the system the end customer, planned suppliers and all participants in the process of approval, evaluation, production and maintenance of the project.
  • Setting up pipeline stages in CRM for complex projects (long cycle of selling goods and services).
  • Mailboxes with sources of leads are connected.
  • A business process for distributing project data between employees of each department was set up to analyze and evaluate work and form a commercial offer with the participation of employees of production, service, finance and sales departments.

  • Key results:

    As a result of the successful CRM setup, we automated the work of managers with clients and also optimized the transfer of data about tourists for the automatic formation of an agreement, which greatly simplified the work of managers and reduced the time for processing one tour by several times. The customer is currently increasing the number of services and communication tools used on the CRM portal within the company. At the moment, the portal is operating normally and solves all the tasks assigned to the company.

    Heads of departments took an active part in setting tasks and testing the customized CRM, answering questions from employees and helping them get comfortable. The example and participation of managers helped to involve employees in the active work in the system.

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