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Starlight Media

Starlight Media is the largest Ukrainian media group.


"Starlight Media"

Starlight Media is the largest Ukrainian media group and one of the largest media companies in Eastern Europe, uniting producers and distributors of video content for TV broadcasting and digital platforms.

Starlight Media includes seven channels: STB, ICTV, ICTV Ukraine, New Channel, M1, M2, OCE TV, as well as Starlight Production, the equipment rental company Starlight Rental and the stage decoration producer Starlight Scenery.


  • Creation of a centralized customer database with the ability to see orders at any stage of processing.
  • Different managers can work with one client when selling services, so it is necessary to automate the processing of incoming letters so that correspondence from one client is correctly distributed among projects within the CRM.
  • Based on the results of the work of sales departments, it is necessary to create custom reports according to the forms approved by the company's management.
  • It is necessary to integrate CRM with all systems within the company.

  • To solve the company's tasks, the following were configured in CRM:

  • customer fields in CRM objects;
  • sales funnel and order processing stages;
  • user integration with Microsoft Active Directory;
  • business processes in leads and deals;
  • synchronization of calendars and tasks with Outlook and calendars on mobile devices;
  • custom processing of incoming letters for distribution according to the logic described by the customer for contacts in the CRM. one contact can be a client for several projects and work with different managers at the same time;
  • interaction of the portal with a mobile application, taking into account a non-standard set of data transferred between sources;
  • custom reports for management.

  • To involve the staff of StarlightMedia to work in a customized CRM, we conducted employee training..

    Key results:

  • The processing time for one order was reduced by 4 times.
  • All communications with clients, stages of approvals, payments and shipments are documented in CRM.
  • The customer base became unified, and the preservation of order history made it possible to segment customers to participate in marketing activities..
  • All communications with clients and approvals are documented in CRM.
  • Reduction of time and cost for ordering and processing.
  • As a result of successful CRM setup, we automated the work of managers with buyers, as well as optimized the transfer of data on payment, shipment, delivery and integrated CRM with all internal systems of the company, which increased the number of orders processed by one manager by 4 times and fully satisfied the customer's expectations from the implementation of the project.

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