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Reima is a world-leading kids activewear brand from Finland.



Reima is a world-leading kids activewear brand from Finland..

“With over 75 years of experience, we know it’s the small details that make the biggest difference. That’s why our award-winning products are safe, innovative, sustainable - and will last the test of time.”


  • Orders come from a retail online store. At the moment, order processing takes more than 20 minutes in total. need to work on multiple systems. It is necessary to reduce order processing to 5 minutes and transfer the work of a sales manager to one system by integrating it with other company systems such as accounting and warehouse systems.
  • It is also necessary to automate CRM with external systems such as delivery services, payment systems, telephony, etc.

  • To solve the company's tasks, the following were configured in CRM:

  • customer fields in CRM objects;
  • sales funnel and order processing stages;
  • business process of approval and shipment of the order;
  • integration with the website of the online store;
  • integration with the accounting system of the company;
  • integration with the payment systems;
  • integration with delivery services;
  • integration with the company's warehouse system;
  • IP-telephony integration with CRM.

  • To involve the company's personnel in working with CRM, we consulted and trained employees. The specialist of our company accompanied the implementation of the CRM in the customer's office from the moment the work on the project began to the stage of independent work of all departments of the company in the CRM.

    Key results:

  • The processing time for one order was reduced by 4 times.
  • All communications with clients, stages of approvals, payments and shipments are documented in CRM.
  • The customer base became unified, and the preservation of order history made it possible to segment customers to participate in marketing activities..
  • All communications with clients and stages of tour approvals are documented in CRM.
  • Reduction of time and cost for ordering and processing.
  • As a result of successful CRM setup, we automated the work of managers with buyers, as well as optimized the transfer of data on payment, shipment, delivery and integrated CRM with all internal systems of the company, which increased the number of orders processed by one manager by 4 times and fully satisfied the customer's expectations from the implementation of the project.

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