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National insurance company "ORANTA".

How to increase profit and reduce costs by automating the online sales process of an insurance company.



National joint-stock insurance company ORANTA is one of the top leaders in the market and has the largest agency and representative network in Ukraine, constantly expanding the range of its insurance products and raising the quality of its services for the clients.


The client approached us looking to streamline business processes and workflows in CRM customer portal and it’s integration with the main selling site and corporate system of the company. The main requirement of the customer was the implementation of a complex business process to ensure the sales and subsequent work with the client in the process of providing services.


  • Scale and short deadlines for project implementation.
  • A large number of customer's stakeholder's departments were involved into the implementation process.
  • The need to create the most convenient process for ordering insurance products online.
  • Online generation of documents of a strictly regulated format.
  • Business tasks to be solved:

  • Automation of the work of all departments engaged in processing orders.
  • Reducing the influence of the human factor on the final result.
  • Increasing customers LTV and Retention by increasing customer’s loyalty and cross-selling of related services.
  • Cutting down times of creating and processing of online orders.
  • Key results:

  • Increase in the company's profit from online sales.
  • Increase in cross-selling of related services.
  • Reduction of time and cost for ordering and processing.
  • Formation of an online application database.
  • The customer is currently increasing the number of services and communication tools used on the CRM portal within the company. At the moment, the portal is operating normally and solves all the tasks assigned to the company.

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