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ONE Platform to automate workflows and CRM with no-code and a maximum degree of freedom.


Creatio is a vendor of a single platform that provides the maximum level of freedom in process automation and CRM using no-code technologies.
The largest companies in Ukraine and thousands of customers in 100+ countries implement their ideas and projects on the Creatio platform. Sincere care for customers and partners is the basis of the company's DNA.

Creatio is an international brand with a local presence in 14 countries. The company has 700+ employees. The group has offices in Ukraine, the USA, the UK, Australia, Poland, Kazakhstan, and Cyprus. 
The Creatio product line includes: an open no-code platform (Studio Creatio), CRM systems in various configurations (Marketing Creatio, Sales Creatio, Service Creatio), turnkey solutions for automation of 20 industries, as well as many add-ons and connectors on the Marketplace.

With Creatio technologies, companies get unlimited opportunities for digitalization and automation of their processes. Maximum freedom in automation is achieved thanks to open customization, no-code technologies, and a huge number of ready-made solutions for rapid expansion of the platform. Not only IT specialists, but also business unit employees can create their own applications and processes on the Creatio platform - using custom tools, without a single line of code.

Among Creatio's clients are Ukrtelecom, OTP Bank, Intertop, Ajax Systems, Datagroup, and other companies that are leaders in their industries. The partner ecosystem includes 700+ organizations around the world and plays a key role in the implementation of the company's strategy.


Custom tools for automating processes of any complexity
Unlimited customization options
Develop applications without a single line of code
A huge number of ready-made modules and add-ons

Free test drive of the system is available here


Sales Creatio

Professional sales management: from lead to repeat orders. Sales Creatio brings together all types of sales in one environment and provides proven technologies to optimize processes and improve customer experience

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Marketing Creatio

Automation of advertising campaigns at all stages of customer interaction. Marketing Creatio allows you to manage leads and increase their efficiency

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Service Creatio

Optimization of internal and external service in various communication channels. With Service Creatio, you can improve the quality of IT services, speed up service processes, and ensure continuous interaction

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Studio Creatio.

Creating applications in one click and organizing the management of the entire system. Based on the Studio Creatio low-code platform, you can automate unique processes of any complexity